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ICP - Laboratory

The ICP-MS laboratory is equipped with instruments designed for trace element and isotopic analysis and is run by the Bergen Geoanalytical Facility.

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Single collector ICP-MS

Thermo Scientific Element XR

The Thermo Scientific Element XR is a double focusing magnetic sector field, high-resolution inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer special designed for trace element (ppb level) analysis of solutions. It has a wide linear dynamic detection range, which allows the determination of a wide range of concentrations in a single run. A pre-concentration unit (SeaFast) enables trace (ppt) and ultra-trace (ppq) analysis of high salinity solutions (seawater). https://www.thermofisher.com/order/catalog/product/IQLAAEGAAMFABWMAFC

Nu Instruments Attom ES

The Attom ES is a double focusing high-resolution inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer especially suited for precise analysis of isotopic ratio and trace elements (ppb) in solid and liquid materials. Electrostatic scanning technology allows fast scan speeds covering large mass ranges.

The Attom is routinely connected to a laser ablation system for performing analyses of solid samples, like U-Pb dating of Zircons and trace element determination of other minerals. http://www.cameca.com/products/icp-ms/attom-es?requestedmedia=/-/media/ametekcameca/acameca/download%20library/icpms/attom_web.pdf&EmailRequired=yes

Multi-collector ICP-MS

Nu Plasma II

The Nu Plasma II is a double focusing magnetic sector inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer used for the precise measurement of isotopic ratios of elements in solution or in solid by using a laser-ablation setup. In order to archive high-quality isotope ratios for wide range of isotope systems the mass spectrometer is equipped with 18 faraday cups and 5 ion counter detectors. Isotope systems analysed include Nd, Hf, Sr, Pb, Fe, Cu and Zn. http://www.cameca.com/products/icp-ms/plasma3



Thermo Scientific iCAP 7600

The Thermo Scientific iCAP 7600 is used for major- (wt%) and trace-element (ppm) solution analysis of geological, environmental and biological sample material. Solid samples have to be digested using high-purity mineral acids prior to analysis. https://www.thermofisher.com/order/catalog/product/842320076101?SID=srch-srp-842320076101

Laser Ablation

RESOlution M-50

The 193 eximer laser ablation RESOlution M-50 is designed for high-precision laser-ablation of solid material. The RESOlution M-50  is used together with the ICP mass spectrometers for in-situ elemental and isotopic analysis, including U-Th-Pb dating of accessory minerals. Processing of the data is facilitated by the Iolite software from the University of Melbourne or the Glitter software from Macquarie University. https://service.asi-pl.com.au/la/?p=h