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Sercel Unite nodes and recording-units for land seismic.


Seismic recording system: Sercel 428 Lite

Seismic recording nodes: 120 x Unite RAU3, each with 3 channels and external Powerfit batteries.

Geophones: Sercel SG-10, 480 strings with 4 sensors each, plant geophones type.

3 component geophones: R.T.Clark DT-Solo 10Hz, 30 geophones.

Hydrophones: Sercel P-44A 10Hz, 30 hydrophones.

Hydrophones: R.T.Clark DT44-14A 10Hz, 30 hydrophones.

Calibrated hydrophone: Teledyne Reson TC-4040-3. 1 hydrophone w/pre-amp. VP1000.