Department of Earth Science

Completing elements in your training component

The training component consists of at least 30 ECTS, including ethics and outreach.

Main content

The training component can include formal courses from the UiB (or other education institutions) course catalogue, or special curricilum. Examples of the latter can be winter/summer schools, courses in knowledge presentations, national and international research courses. See the guidelines for details.

When you complete formal courses, they should appear in your Studentweb education plan without any actions from your part. However, if you have completed ECTS rewarding activites outside of the course catalogue (presentations at international conferences, winter/summer schools), you must submit documentation to your PhD coordinator:

International conference with presentation of research

  • List of participants
  • Schedule
  • Your presentation (slides, manuscript, poster etc.)

Winter/summer schools

  • Schedule
  • Diploma, proof of participation

Seminar on self-selected topic

You and your supervisor must suggest a topic and a committee three weeks ahead of the seminar. The committee must be two persons, both can be from the department. The topic must be approved by the Board of doctoral education. Topic, venue and committee must be announced at the department web site two weeks in advance. Contact your PhD coordinator for details.

Other activities

  • Diploma, proof of participation
  • Description of content and scope