Department of Earth Science

Trial lecture for PhD candidates at the Dep. of Earth Science

The trial lecture shall be given after submitting the dissertation but prior to the defense

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The trial lecture is part of the requirements of the doctoral education. The trial lecture is held after thesis submission and before the doctoral defence and will be evaluated by a three-member committee usually including and lead by the head of the doctoral evaluation committee. The remaining two members are chosen from the departmental scientific staff.

The duration of the trial lecture is 45 minutes, and the level should be appropriate for an audience with previous knowledge one could expect to find among master's students in the field of study.

Three weeks prior to the trial lecture, the committee and supervisor suggest a topic, and date and time for the trial lecture. The suggestions can be sent to the PhD coordinator by email. The topic must not be within the central field of the doctoral work, and is kept secret from the candidate. The trial lecture must be successfully completed before the defense.

The topic will be announced by the PhD coordinator to the candidate 2 weeks (10 workdays) in advance. All necessary documentation will be delivered to the head of the committee before the trial lecture.

See the guidelines for more information.