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Invitation to Lofotseminaret 2023 in Applied Geophysics

Oversiktsbilde av bebyggelsen som ligger flatt langs fjorden i Nyvågar i Kabelvåg,
Tor Arne Johansen

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Invitation to Lofotseminaret 2023 in Applied Geophysics

August 23rd – 25th, 2023 in Nyvågar, Kabelvåg

Abstract submission within: May 1st 2023
Registration within: May 15th 2023

Lofotseminaret is a biannual national symposium in geophysics and will celebrate its 30 years anniversary during the upcoming event. The purpose of the seminar is to gather universities, research institutions and industry in Norway in order to present ongoing research in geophysics. It serves as a meeting place for PhD candidates, postdocs, university professors and industry professionals to discuss and review important issues to be solved for bringing this research field forward.

We hereby invite for papers within geophysical methods for improved data acquisition and processing (including machine learning), static and dynamic mapping of subsurface reservoirs with particular emphasis on CO2 sequestration, geophysical surveying of other planets, geophysical monitoring of Arctic warming, and exploration methods related to deep-sea mining. There will be both oral and poster presentations in addition to invited speakers covering the main issues of the seminar. A special session will be held in memory of the unique geophysicist Håvar Gjøystdal (1948-2022).

Abstracts in English should be of 2 pages length.

Lofotseminaret is organized by all the universities in Norway involved in research and education in geoscience. It is supported by the Norwegian Research School in Petroleum and Aker BP ASA. PhD candidates may apply for the necessary funding needed to participate. Contact the secretary of the seminar to receive detailed information of how to apply for this support.

Maximum number of participants: 50
Seminar fee: NOK 1500

For abstract submission, registering and room reservation contact seminar secretary: torarne.johansen@uib.no