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Upcoming funding opportunities (UFO)

Here you find an updated list of open and upcoming calls for proposal with relevance for GEO

Upcoming fund opportunity

January deadlines 

Deadline 08.01.2018

VISTA scholarships

VISTA calls for applications within the four priority areas: Exploration, Improved recovery, Environment and Future development and operations.

More info here

February deadlines 

Deadliene 01.02.2018

Mobilitet i Erasmus+

Funds for mobility and cooperation

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Deadline 02.02.2018


The Bergen MSCA IF-Master Class 2017/18

This program aims to recruit talented, young postdocs from outside Norway to UiB through the mobility program Marie Sklodowska Curie Individual Fellowship

Deadline for candidates  applications 

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Deadline (intern) 10.02.2019

SPIRE University of Bergen´s Strategic Programme for International Research and Education
Call for SPIRE funding 2019 UiB are announcing funds in its strategic program for international research collaboration (SPIRE). The program aims to support UiB's strategy and action plan for internationalization 2016-2022. 
You can apply for SPIRE funds in two categories:
(1) SPIRE funds for international research collaboration (Max 100K NOK)
(2) SPIRE guest research funds 1 - 3 months (Max 15k NOK/month)
Applicants are requested to read the Guidelines for applicants, and the SPIRE application form must be used. Scientific staff in first positions and postdoctoral fellows at UiB can apply for SPIRE funds (see the guidelines for details) and learn more on the FA's SPIRE website. 
The departments are asked to rank the applications for each of the categories before sending them to the faculty by 13 February 2019. We therefore request that any applications be sent to the institute by email to Andrea by 11 February 2019

Guidelines for Applicants
Application Form   

March deadlines


E.ON Stipendfonds

Funding for the exchange of Master, PhD and junior researchers between Norwegian and German institutions working with energy-related themes

More info and the application form can be found here

Peder Sather Grant Program

The Peder Sather Center for Advanced Study supports projects carried out by researchers at UC Berkeley in collaboration with researchers UiB. The Center offers grants of between NOK 76K and NOK 192K. Funds are made available for one academic year. Grants can support activities such as workshops, mini-conferences, virtual intellectual exchanges, the undertaking of exploratory and pilot studies, activities such as PhD student exchanges, longer-term stays for Principal Investigators, the collection and analysis of data, and other core research activities.

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April deadlines

Utlysning: CUHK Faculty & PhD Student Mobility Schemes (Inbound) for 2019-20

Internationalisation Faculty Mobility Scheme
Søkere: Forskere
Søknadsfrist: 10. april 2019

Global Scholarship Programme for Research Excellence
Søkere: Stipendiater
Søknadsfrist: 3. april 2019

CUHK kontaktperson: Ms Olivia Kwok, e-post: oliviakwok@cuhk.edu.hk


Deadline: 25.04.2018 13:00 CET

FRINATEK Independent Basic Research Projects - Mathematics, Physical Science and Technology

Frinatek support the following application types:

  • Researcher Project
  • Young Research Talents
  • FRIPRO mobility grant
  • Support for Events

More information here

KLIMAFORSK Climate programme

NOK 1 million for Personal Overseas Research Grants and Personal Visiting Researcher Grants

NOK 87 million for research on integrated multi-stressor impacts on ecosystems

NOK 40 million to joint Sino-Norwegian researcher projects on sustainable agriculture and integrated multi-stressor impacts on ecosystems

More information here

INTPART International Partnerships for Excellent Education, Research and Innovation

INTPART will fund partnerships between Norwegian higher education and research institutions and excellent partners in Brazil, Canada, China, India, Japan, Russia, South-Africa and USA. The 2017 call had also a small opening for France and Germany

More information here

May deadlines

Deadline: 15.05.2018


Mandatory outlines as the basis for grant applications for research infrastructure

The Research Council of Norway is accepting mandatory outlines as a prerequisite for submission of applications for funding under the National Financing Initiative for Research Infrastructure

More information here

Deadline: 31.05.2018 13:00 CET

NORPART  Norwegian Partnership Programme for Global Academic Cooperation

NORPART supports academic partnerships and student mobility with an emphasis on Master level between higher education institutions in Norway and selected developing countries

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June deadlines

July deadlines

August deadlines


VISTA scholarships

VISTA calls for applications within the four priority areas:

Exploration, Improved recovery, Environment and Future development and operations.

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September deadlines

Deadline: 12.09.2018 17:00 CET

H2020 Marie Curie Individual Fellowship (MSCA IF)

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October deadlines

Deadline: 10.10.2018 13:00 CET

INFRASTRUKTUR National Financing Initiative for Research Infrastructure

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November deadlines


December deadlines

Deadline 01.12.2018

Meltzer and other UiB funds

More information here

Funds and endowments from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

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PES2020 - Support for the establishment of project proposals directed towards H2020

The PES2020 scheme is designed to relieve some of the cost burden for Norwegian applicants related to the preparation of project proposals. The scheme is also designed to raise the overall competence of Norwegian applicants with regard to participation under H2020.

More info here.