Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care

Health Management

Healthcare management and quality improvement is the study of leadership, quality, and safety in the health and care sector through social science and organizational approaches. The subject aims to contribute to good health services from medical/healthcare, patient, organizational, and political perspectives. Group Leader: Inger Lise Teig.

Main content

The teaching group for healthcare management and quality improvement was formed in the spring of 2016, falls under the subject area of Ethics and Health Economics (ETØK), and is led by Associate Professor Inger Lise Teig. The group works on teaching in the subjects of Healthcare Management and Quality Improvement in healthcare services, as well as with the experience-based master's program in Healthcare Management, Health Economics, and Quality Improvement. In the new curriculum, the teaching group will teach leadership, quality work, and safety in the 10th semester of the professional program.

The teaching group consists of 5 academic staff members.

Areas of work

The main task of the teaching group is to provide good and research-based continuing and further education for healthcare personnel in the field of leadership, quality improvement, and patient safety, as well as teaching these topics in the medical profession education. The teaching emphasizes experiential knowledge and also utilizes guest lecturers with experience from the sector or comparable sectors. Students' various professional backgrounds and experiences are also highlighted as an important source of knowledge and learning.

The teaching is based on gatherings and is distributed over 4 weeks in the autumn semester. Master's education is conducted for 2 weeks in the spring semester.

Professional development, network

We collaborate with the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences and Health Economics at the Department of Economics at the University of Bergen. Furthermore, we collaborate with the research group HELTER here at ETØK, the research group on patient safety in Western Norway Regional Health Authority, and clinical environments in various hospitals in the region. The group for healthcare research and the Research Group for Global Health Priorities at IGS, UiB, are part of our network.