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Rediscovering Nordic Cooperation

Lise Rykkja and Per Lægreid with new article on Nordic Administrative Collaboration

Rykkja og Lægreid

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Lise Rykkja and Per Lægreid have written the article “Nordic Administrative Collaboration: Scope, Predictors and Effects on Policy Design and Administrative Reform Measures”, in a thematic issue of Politics and Governance under the heading "Rediscovering Nordic Cooperation" edited by Anne Elizabeth Stie and Jarle Trondal.

The article examines whether Nordic administrative collaboration is still ‘alive and kicking,’ or whether it has been marginalized by increased integration into Europe and strong international reform trajectories.

The authors analyze the scope and intensity of Nordic administrative collaboration from a structural perspective based on the perceptions of civil servants in the Norwegian central government. They also address the implications of Nordic collaboration for policy design and reform measures.

The main conclusion is that Nordic administrative collaboration can best be described as differentiated integration. The scope of Nordic administrative collaboration is rather broad, and its internal structural features vary significantly. Nordic collaboration is perceived to have more of an effect on policy design than on specific administrative reform means and measures. However, structural features also matter.

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