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explosive waste

Explosive waste

Explosive waste has to be handled with special attention and care. Explosive compounds cannot be disposed as hazardous waste, they have to be destructed.

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Waste that comes under explosive waste must be handled in accordance with the Guidelines for the handling and disposal of hazardous waste and problematic waste, radioactive waste and explosive waste and the routines described below.

Those who work with chemical compounds that could potentially be explosive, either by purchase or by storage over time, are to show special attention to these chemicals.

One must try to find replacements when possible, according to the substitution obligation. If a new potentially explosive substance must be purchased, purchase a minimum quantity. Regularly inspect the compounds, investigative substances for water content and age each quarter. The potentially explosive substances should be disposed as hazardous waste where possible and before they are a significant safety problem.

To avoid problems due to potentially explosive chemicals one must follow the routines for handling peroxide forming chemicals and compounds that are explosive when purchased.

Disposal of peroxide forming chemicals

Disposal of peroxide forming chemicals

Test all peroxide-forming chemicals before use and disposal. If the test is positive with respect to formed peroxide, one must determine the concentration before one can decide what to do:

  • Concentration between 0-3000 ppm (mg/l): The substance can be delivered as hazardous waste. In accordance with ADR, chemicals containing a maximum of 0.3 % peroxide can be sent - equivalent to 3000 ppm (ADR chapter
  • Cencentration above 3000 ppm - Explosive compounds: contact HSE and emergency preparedness expert group

Chemicals containing a maximum of 0.3% peroxide - corresponding to 3000 ppm, may be shipped. ADR bestemminga kap. (Norwegian only)

Disposal of compounds that are explosive when purchased

Disposal of compounds that are explosive when purchased

User should contact the person responsible(NO) for the waste room, and together they have to fill out the declaration form. Explosive compounds can be delivered to Indus Chemical Technical Factory. Contact Bir at bedrift@bir.no if you need to dispose of compounds that are explosive. For questions please contact the HSE-section.