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Health checks

Health checks must be performed for employees and students if they are exposed to health risks.

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The work and the workplace must be so arranged that employees and students are not exposed to damage to their health. Health checks are intended to prevent illness and damage to health and to reveal unfortunate effects from the working environment.

Employees and students must have health surveys before starting work if they are to be working with:

Employees and students who work in a working environment that involves risk must be offered suitable health checks if risk assessment indicates a health risk linked to exposure to:


The line manager must ensure that employees and students as indicated above have suitable health checks. The line manager is also responsible for ensuring that a message is given to the HSE section before employees/students start work that involves a health risk.

The HSE section prepares and updates a list of the relevant employees and students and the extent to which health checks are performed. This summary is sent to the unit once a year for updating and revision. The HSE section is also responsible for calling employees and students for health checks.