Department of Informatics

Research contracts and collaboration agreements

All research collaboration in which UiB is involved shall be based on contracts.

Main content

A contract is signed by the coordinator and the external funding source.

A collaboration (or consortium) agreement regulates the rights and obligations between the coordinator and the project partners.

Contracts and collaboration agreements are set up in collaboration with the legal advisers of the Division of Research and Innovation (part of the BOA-team). The exact routines will vary according to which funding source is involved and what role the department/UiB has in the project (coordinator/partner).

In general: The Research Section and leadership of the Department of Informatics take part in assuring the correctness of all contracts and agreements, together with the project manager (responsible scientist). Therefore, it is important that the department is informed about and receives copies of all contracts and agreements in due time before they are to be signed. All contracts and agreements need to be reviewed and signed by the Division of Research and Innovation; the head of department (co-)signs the documents.

It is recommended to hold an administrative kick-off meeting during the revision phase.

Other types of contractual documents (e.g. Data Transfer/Processor Agreements, Material Transfer Agreements etc.) can be relevant for research projects. Please contact the department's Research Section for assistance.