Faculty of Medicine

Exchange Student in Medicine

The University of Bergen/the Faculty of Medicine offers courses for international exchange students in medicine.

English speaking exchange students are welcome to apply for our English semester in gynaecology, obstetrics and paediatrics (9th semester). Students who can document a good knowledge of Norwegian may apply for other medical courses taught in Norwegian. Our most common semesters for exchange are described below:

9th semester – English semester

The English semester consists of the course MED9 (27 ECTS) and includes gynaecology, obstetrics, paediatrics, genetics, and child and adolescent psychiatry.  Theory and clinical training is integrated in the semester in addition to 7 weeks of clinical placement at Haukeland University Hospital (3 weeks gynaecology and obstetrics, 3 weeks paediatrics and 1 week child and adolescent psychiatry*). In the clinical training, students work with patients under supervision and have a high degree of responsibility for patients on clinical wards and outpatient clinics. The students are expected to take medical history and examine patients, and assist in operating theatres.

*For teaching in child and adolescent psychiatry, please note:
The international students will follow the ordinary learning activities, except for the one week placement in the clinical units, due to the language barrier. As a substitute the students must attend a one week course focusing on clinical issues. Except for some brief introductions the learning activities will mainly consist of different group tasks followed by plenary presentations and discussions. 

The English semester is offered both autumn and spring. The course starts in week 33 (mid-August) in the autumn semester and the first week of February during the spring semester.

Number of study places: 10-14 places each semester. A study place can unfortunately not be guaranteed. Places available depends on the number of students we send abroad in the same semester.

Evaluation: At the end of the semester there will be one semester exam for MED9.

Recommended requirements for MED9:
In addition to the general admission requirements see How to apply, we have the following recommended requirements:

  • Completed minimum three years of a Medical degree programme. We will give priority to the most experienced students
  • Ability to take medical history and to perform a physical examination of a patient
  • Students must have some training in internal medicine, surgery and neurology
  • Students must be present at the first lecture at semester start, usually, in week 33 or week 5
  • Good English language skills are required

Pease note that if you are applying for a full academic year, you must take our 7th semester before our 9th semester, and therefore must have a good knowledge of Norwegian before you apply.

7th semester

Our 7th semester MED7 (27 ECTS) include neurology, ophthalmology, ear-nose-throat and psychiatry. This semester is taught entirely in Norwegian, and you need a good command of Norwegian in order to apply. We recommend level B2. This semester includes 4 weeks of clinical training in psychiatry in addition to lectures, patient demonstrations, team-based learning (TBL) and group tuition with rehearsal of examination techniques, including examination of patients.

Evaluation: At the end of the semester, there will be a semester exam for MED7 and you will receive one grade for the course.

MED7-INT: If you only want to participate in neurology, ophthalmology and ear-nose-throat, but not psychiatry, you can be registered for the code MED7-INT (15 ECTS). You will not get separate grades for neurology, ophthalmology and ear-nose-throat, but one grade (A – F) for the whole course.

Please note that if you are applying for a full academic year, you must take our 7th semester before our 9th semester, and therefore must have a good knowledge of Norwegian before you apply.

Other courses in medicine

It may also be possible to apply for other semesters in the medical curriculum. These courses are taught in Norwegian.  Medical curriculum (in Norwegian)

Clinical rotation

It is possible to apply for clinical training at the University of Bergen/Haukeland University hospital. Due to capacity reasons, we only give admission to students who apply through established exchange agreements, this also apply for applying through Erasmus+ Traineeships.

In addition to be nominated through an exchange partner, you also need to have a good command of the Norwegian language in order to apply for clinical rotation. We recommend level B2.

Please note that we do not have the capacity to accept students for clinical traineeship in the period medio June to medio August, due to summer holiday.

How to apply


  • Must be nominated through an exchange partner
  • Language: Must document knowledge of Norwegian, level B2 if you apply for courses taught in Norwegian. If you apply for our English semester, we recommend a good knowledge of English.
  • Must apply within the application deadlines.
  • Must complete a Learning Agreement

Clinical training:

  • Must be nominated through an exchange partner
  • Must document knowledge of Norwegian, level B2
  • We recommend students to apply within the application deadlines, but we can also consider applications received outside the application periode.
  • Must complete a Learning Agreement

Application procedures and deadlines

Semester dates

Autumn semester:
Introductory programme usually starts Thursday week 32.
Courses start: Week 33 – 50

Spring semester:
Introductory programme usually are Thursday and Friday week 2.
Courses start: Week 5/6 – 24


You can apply for student accommodation directly to the Student Welfare Organisation (SiB).  The student accommodation closest to the Faculty of Medicine is Alrek student hostel. Many international students also stay at Fantoft student hostel.