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Midway Evaluation

Information about the midway evaluation: guidelines, description of the different elements of the evaluation, and relevant forms.

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All PhD candidates must complete a Midway Evaluation when they are half way through their planned PhD period. The midway evaluation is an important part of the quality assurance of progress in the PhD project, and will help candidates to complete the thesis within the time frame. If the candidate is unable to complete the mid-term evaluation as planned, they must apply to the department for postponement.


There are Faculty guidelines for the Midway Evaluation, and the departments may adopt their own procedures. If any delays or other difficulties are uncovered at the Midway Evaluation, the Department is responsible for initiating a meeting concerning these issues within one month.

Guidelines for the Midway Evaluation 

Elements of the Midway Evaluation

The PhD candidate must submit a short written report no later than two weeks before the midway evaluation. The report must contain information on the status of project and progress on

  • Scientific activities and results
  • Publications
  • The training component (the candidate should also attach a printout from studentweb)
  • Plan for completion and estimated submission date
  • Any problems or other comments

The report must be minimum 2 pages long, but the departments can require a longer report or ask for additional documentation. The Faculty has prepared a template that can be used if desired.

The Midway Evaluation begins with the candidate’s presentation on the project and progress, minimum 15 minutes, followed by questions and discussion, (approx. 10 minutes). The Faculty has prepared a template that can be used if desired.

Form with guidance to the committee

After the presentation, the committee fills in and signs a separate evaluation form and protocol for approved mid-term evaluation. The form with instructions for the committee can be downloaded here:

Midway evaluation form for the committee