Faculty of Medicine

Medical Student Research Programme

The Medical Student Research Programme (MSRP) is a national education and grant scheme for medical and dental students who wish to carry out research in parallel with their studies. The Medical Student Research Programme is offered to a group of students (10%), who are interested in medical and dental research, and willing to do research besides their studies.

Main content

The students at the MSRP follow the ordinary studies. In addition to this, they achieve an organized research education and get to perform their own research activity, that might be the beginning of a Ph.D.

The students are affiliated at the MSRP the second year of their ordinary medical or dental study. To be a student at the MSRP involves that their regulated time of study will be prolonged by one year, from 6 to 7 years for medical students and 5 to 6 years for dental students. As a student at the MSRP you will do one year fulltime research, and 0.2 years part-time research simultaneously with the studies, which will in total count as 2 years fulltime research.

Fulfilled MSRP will give a total of 120 ECTS, in addition to the ordinary study.

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