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The Research Ethics Committee at the Faculty of Medicine

The Research Ethics Committee at the Faculty of Medicine is a resource for promoting ethical awareness among staff and students.


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The committee assists the Faculty leadership in dealing with cases of misconduct or breach of good scientific practice, but may also take initiative in matters of this nature themselves, if deemed necessary. The intention is that the issues concerning research integrity should be resolved at the lowest possible level, and integrity issues should therefore be reported to the Faculty, which will then determine how cases should be dealt with. Cases should be reported by using the form posted at the bottom of this page.

The Research Ethics Committee at the Faculty of Medicine can:
• Undertake initiatives to promote ethical awareness among staff and students at the faculty
• Handle cases involving dishonesty or breach of good scientific practice if cases:

  1. Relate to scientific activities at the Faculty of Medicine, and/or
  2. Involve or affect one or more employees at the Faculty, and
  3. Are of a fundamental nature

The Vice Dean for research is appointed as chairman and a permanent member of the Research Ethics Committee. In addition, the Vice Dean of Research, appoints a second permanent member. The term of office for the chairperson and the permanent member of the committee is the same as the Dean’s term of office.

The Permanent members of the Research Ethics Committee are:

• The Vice Dean of Research
• An appointed member of faculty

The committee may call upon up to two other persons to assist them in the evaluation of cases. In cases of misconduct, one of these persons should be an experienced researcher with expertise in the subject area the misconduct allegations relate to. These members are appointed by the Dean. Moreover, it may in some cases be necessary for the Research Ethics Committee to establish a collaborative relationship with a legal expert.
General guidelines for research ethics are issued by The Norwegian National Committees for Research Ethics (REC). They can be found here (Links to an external site.).
There are field-specific guidelines, for example for medical and health research. (Links to an external site.)