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A corollary of my seasonal study is an interest in the diverse markers of time embedded in the gardens. I’ve come to see the gardens like a giant ‘time capsule’ – a repository of the recent and ancient past, of cyclic rhythms and extraordinary events, and always the detritus that is the constant march of time. Seeing the past bleed into the present is helping me make sense of seasonal change.
I'm interested in seasonality at Arboretet and investigating whether there are any changes to how the gardeners and scientists are relating to seasons. One way I'm looking for seasonal cultures is in the material objects used in the gardens in different periods of the year. In my short experience, I'm seeing that changes in technology and policies might be changing the gardener... Read more
People commonly associate foods with seasons, particularly when it comes to foraging for wild plants like mushrooms or berries. Spring is marked by the flourishing of wild garlic (Ramsløk) and other species, but do these plants still make up our diet? Or is a reliance on supermarkets cutting our ties with these seasonal traditions?