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On september 11th Alf G. Nilsen wrote an invited comment on the norwegian elections in the renowned British newspaper The Guardian. After this he received threats. - We are witnessing a development of society where we really need that different opinions come forward, and that people can participate in public debate without putting their own safety at risk.
The full title of the article is "Against the Current, From Below: Resisting Dispossession in the Narmada Valley, India" and it is published in the latest volume of Journal of Poverty (Volume 17, Issue 4, 2013)
The book explains the Narmada conflict and addresses how the building of the anti-dam campaign was animated by processes of collective learning, how activists extended the spatial scope of their struggle by building networks of solidarity with transnational advocacy groups, and how it is embedded in and shaped by a wider field of force of capitalist development at national and transnational... Read more