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New data published by CGB scientists in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) call into question the biogenicity of microtextures in Archean rocks
The Centre for Geobiology together with the Nordic Network of Astrobiology hosted an international conference “Biosignatures across Space and Time” between May 20 and 22nd. Over 100 conference delegates from more than 19 countries attended the 3 day meeting, with 50 oral presentations and 36 poster presentations on different aspects of biosignatures in extreme environments, in the early rock... Read more
The 2013 summer cruise was extremely fruitful: at least five new venting areas were located and a large shallow volcanic area was explored. The goal of the Arctic marine expedition was to investigate the areas west and northeast of Jan Mayen Island. Here, in the middle of the Norwegian-Greenland Sea, the Arctic Mid-Ocean Ridge (AMOR) passes this volcanic island. Oceanic crust is formed along the... Read more