Momentum delegate 2023

Rouven Doran

Department of Psychosocial Science, Faculty of Psychology

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Rouven Doran is an associate professor in general psychology at the Department of Psychosocial Science. He obtained his PhD with a project that focused on the relevance of perceived norms and social comparison for explaining eco-friendly travel choices. This was followed up by a postdoc period that explored public perceptions and preferences for possible pathways to energy transition.

His research interests are centred on individual and social factors that shape perceptions and responses to environmental issues, especially in relation to climate change. Current projects address emotional and behavioural reactions to the evolving climate crisis, and climate justice perspectives across the globe. Other activities include doctoral supervision for projectson risk perceptions and mental models regarding microplastics, as well as on drivers for sustainable seafood consumption. His work employs mainly quantitative methods, including data from both surveys and experiments. Other work uses qualitative methods like card sorting and content analysis, for instance in the context of exploring mental models about possible solutions to environmental problems.