The Laboratory Animal Facility

The Animal Facility At University of Bergen is accredited by AAALAC International.

March 2 2012 we got the confirmation that The Animal Faciliy at UoB is awarded full accreditation by AAALAC International

AAALAC international

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The Animal Facility submitted in July 2011 their ”Animal Care and Use Program” for accreditation by AAALAC International.  November 30 visitors representing AAALAC International made us a site visit. March 2 2012 we finally got the confirmation that The Animal Faciliy at UoB is awarded full accreditation by AAALAC International.

Beside compliance to the regulatory demands for animal experiments in Norway AAALAC International expect us to extensively describe protection of humans and environments, safety and disaster planning, animal and veterinary care as well as the physical plant.

All this information is included in our Animal Care and Use Program.

Benefits by accreditation by AAALAC international

  • It represents quality

    • AAALAC International accreditation shows that an institution is serious about setting, achieving and maintaining high standards for animal care and use and committed to animal welfare in science.

  • It promotes scientific validity

    • Reliable scientific results depend on superior animal care.

  • It provides assurance in a global marketplace

    • Laws and regulations related to animal research vary widely from country to country, AAALAC International accreditation can be used worldwide as a way to gauge the quality of a particular program, harmonize animal care and use practices, and provide assurance to diverse stakeholders.

  • It’s a recruiting tool

    • Attract the best and brightest researchers and professors

  • It demonstrates accountability

    • Accreditation through AAALAC International is voluntary and demonstrates a willingness to go above and beyond the minimum standards required by law.

  • It provides a confidential peer-review

    • The independent peer-review ensures that the institution’s program is meeting AAALAC International standards.

  • It stimulates continuous improvement

    • When an institution participates in the AAALAC accreditation program, it’s committing to a process that stimulates continuous improvement.