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Completed doctorates in the Renal Research Group

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The Renal Research Groups has a tradition for high production of excellent research (see publications). Below you will find all completed doctorates from 2010 till today.


Ida Viken Stalund

"Polyvinylpyrrolidone deposition disease - The role of pathology in understanding disease and death in persons with opioid addiction and intravenous drug use"

Philipp Strauss 

 "From archival tissues to systems biology: Using transcriptomics to investigate the progression of kidney disease"

Hassan Elsaid

 "Fabry disease model in Zebrafish"


Anna Gjerde

"Low birth weight, intrauterine growth restriction and risk of chronic kidney disease in adult age"


Flavia Teodora Ioana Paunas

 "The development of analytical methods and its impact on diagnosis, classification and treatment in kidney disease"


Helene Dahl

"Determinants and Consequences of Nutritional Status in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease"



Cathrin Lytomt Salvador

“Estimation and measurement of glomerular filtration rate in children (uio.no)


Øystein Eikrem

“New methods clear the dust off old biopsies. RNA sequencing of FFPE kidney biopsies"

Lea Landolt

“Epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition in clear cell renal cell cancer and renal fibrosis”



Sanjeevan Sriskandarajah

"ANCA- associated glomerulonephritis prognostic factors and outcome in a Norwegian cohort".



Rannveig Skrunes

“Hereditary renal disease in the Norwegian population, with a focus on Fabry disease”

Thomas Knoop

"Prognostic aspects of IgA nephropahy"


Paschal Ruggajo

“Low Birth Weight and Risk of Progressive Kidney Disease Epidemiological and Morphological Studies”


Kenneth Finne
"Proteomic signature of glomerular and tubular damage in hypertensive kidney disease"

Tone Dolva Dahl
"Vascular function and the mechanism of proteinuria in hypertensive kidney disease"


Trude Skogstrand 
”Renal hypertensive fibrosis in the rat”


Camilla Tøndel 
«Markers of nephropathy in young Fabry disease patients; role of kidney biopsies and functional measurements»


Miriam Sandvik 
"Renal disease and cardiovascular risk factors after preeclampsia"


Rune Bjørneklett 
"Long-term prognosis in chronic primary glomerulonephritides"


Sabine Leh 
”Progression of renal disease – pathogenetic aspects and treatment options”


Maria Otth
"Extended Criteria Donors in Switzerland" 
Under supervision of Hans-Peter Marti at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Bern


Michael Hultström 
"Angiotensin II in hypertension, renal damage and renal vascular function"


Suana Angela
"Therapy of anti-Thy1.1 nephritis by the use of immunoliposomes"
Under supervision of Hans-Peter Marti at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Bern



Rödder Silke
"Metzincins and related genes as markers for diagnosis and progression of interstitial 

fibrosis and tubular atrophy (IF/TA)
Under supervision of Hans-Peter Marti at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Bern