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Service declaration pertaining to information

The web page uib.no provides an overall presentation of information pertaining to studies and related practical aspects.

Main content

Mitt UiB is a personal web page including unified access to relevant academic and administrative resources, including electronic submission of assignments etc. Most studies cannot be completed without access to and regular use of Mitt UiB. To gain access to Mitt UiB and to be able to receive academically or administratively related e-mail from the university, you will have to have a UiB user account.

Duties and responsibilities of the University relating to information:

• To maintain relevant and up-to-date information posted on uib.no and Mitt UiB
• To use Mitt UiB for dissemination of messages relating to subjects/courses
• To offer Internet connection for students via the university’s server

The University expects you as a student to:

• Establish a user account at UiB
• Read e-mail(webmail.uib.no) from UiB frequently and regularly
• Familiarize yourself with uib.no
• Log in to Mitt UiB frequently and at regular intervals