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The Law Library is situated in The Faculty of Law's building on Dragefjellet. The primary goal for the library and its staff is to provide library service to the students and the staff. The library has a collection of about 100 000 bound volumes, in addition to databases and journals, mostly in electronic versions.


The Database Norwegian Law in Foreign Languages has been made over.

The new database adress is: 

To find the references, click "Group library".

The purpose, a bibliographic database over Norwegian law written in foreign languages, is still the same. Also the selection criteria is still the same, but now with improved possibilities for sorting and better options for making lists. Now the database is presented in Zotero, wich allows you to retrieve references and download to your own Zotero-library and incorporate to your Citation Style eg Harvard, Chicago.

The law library at the University Library of Bergen is still owner and operator of this database. From 2004 to 2016 Kirsti Lothe Jacobsen was project leader, now Elen Elvebakk is the editor in charge. 
If you have questions or comments, please contact: eel020@uib.no

Open access to scientific articles

Updated information about negotiations with the publisher

This is what you can do if you need articles in journals that we can no longer access:

Download plug-ins to the web browser to find open-access articles

Tools like Unpaywall and Open Access Buttonmakes it easy to find open access versions of articles in the web browser. Read more about these services

UiB can access archives

UiB still has access to the archives of numerous journals up until 2018. We made a searchable table with an overview of the journals UiB has archive access to

In these journals you can search like before, for example in Google and Oria, and download articles from ScienceDirect.

Order the article

If you search Oria for an article UiB has lost access to, you will be given an opportunity to order the article. You will receive the article as a pdf in your email, no more than 8 hours, but normally 2 hours, after the purchase. UiB will cover your expenses.

Contact the author, ask international colleagues

It is not unusual to contact an author and request him or her to send their article. It is also common for researchers to share copies of an article in social networks.  

Contact the University of Bergen Library

The local University Libraryis ready to help. Feel free to contact them with any inquiries.     


Electronic resources

Norwegian law in foreign languages

Database containing Norwegian Law in foreign languages. Books, articles and acts on Norwegian law published in international languages, mostly English.

Translated acts

Norwegian acts that are translated into English


A collection of online legal resources. You need an account to search the database, but some Norwegian laws, acts and the Foreign Ministry's treaty registry is available to everyone. For more Information in English.

UiB Database


A collection of databases that the University of Bergen subscribes to. It can be divided into topics. Do your search in “Oria”.

Book a librarian

Do you need assistance in your search for information? Then you can book a librarian.

Students and staff at The Faculty of Law can book a librarian for a one-to-one session, where the librarian will help you find relevant information from the many subject databases The University of Bergen Library has access to. 

The session takes place in the library all weekdays between 9.00 AM and 3.00 PM. One session usually lasts one hour.

Please give us information on the subject you need assistance with and in which context you will be using it (i.e. Master thesis, paper etc.)

Booking form here

Literature and arrangement

Required reading

The required reading collection contains the books that at any given time are listed on the faculty’s reading list.

In the library the required reading books are marked with a grey tape and is divided into two sections:

1. The required reading books that you can borrow are marked with a grey tape only. You can borrow them for two weeks, but the books can not be reserved or renewed.

2.  The required reading books that are not for loan are marked with a grey and a blue tape. These can only be used in the library, but can be copied according to Kopinor’s rules.

The books’ arrangement

The L-catalog is the alignment form for legal literature.

The literature is divided into the three classical groups of Private law, Public law and International law.

When you find your book in Oria, the location is given in letters and numbers. The number is referring to the topic.

You can search for a topic in Oria by typing in the L-number in the advanced search box. Here you must choose “L klassifikasjon” and write the L-number in the search field (for example L 123). All the literature on this subject will appear.

The regular collection

The regular lending collection is marked with a white tape. The books are systematically arranged according to the L-catalog. The books can be borrowed for four weeks, and can be renewed if no one is on the reservation list. The book can be reserved if it is already on loan.

The source and reference collection


The sources of law and reference collection is marked with a blue tape. The blue tape means that you can only use the material in the library. The material can be copied according to Kopinor’s rules. The collection consists of:

1. The source collection contains sources of law from different countries.

2. The reference collection contains encyclopedias, handbooks and dictionaries.  

3. Periodicals

Electronic books

Electronic books are searchable just like normal books in Oria, or you can choose electronic books in Oria advances search. Some books are not yet available, but you can find them if you search directly through Springer link or Ebrary.


Articles can be found in: periodicals, newspapers and books.


Articles can be found in the periodicals that are found in Oria. It could be an electronic periodical or a paper release or both. Many of the electronic articles can be found in Oria.

When you are given an article, it is important that you write down the periodicals’ name and year for future reference.

Some major Norwegian legal periodical databases are Idunn and Rettsdata. There are also some individual legal articles in Lovdata’s literature database.


Newsapaper articles can be sought in Atekst.


To find book articles and Festschrift articles you depend widely on the book’s name. But still you can find many articles through Oria.

Also check out the book collection: “Norsk juridisk festskriftbibliografi” by Hanne E. Strømø and Halvor Kongshavn.