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The library provides access to a wide selection of fiction, scholarly literature, journals, databases and other types of material, in printed or electronic form. These can be found by using our discovery tool Oria (see search box further up). If you are unable to locate a book you may make a purchase request or interlibrary loan. For assistance in literature search please contact your academic librarian below.

This page gives an overview over useful resources within linguistics. If you are unable to locate a book you may make a purchase request or interlibrary loan. For assistance in literature search please contact your academic librarian below.


A selection of our books in linguistics:



Shelving at the Library of Humanities 

General linguistics: 410-419
Language philosophy: 149.94
Sociolinguistics and pragmatics: 306.44


Project MUSE - Interdisciplinary database 

JSTOR - Journal database - more than 1000 journals

ProQuest Dissertations - Dissertations and master's theses

ERIC - Education Resources Information Center 

Handbooks, textbooks and studies

Language Science Press

Oxford Handbooks in Linguistics

Cambridge Handbooks in Language & Linguistics

Cambridge Textbooks in Linguistics

Cambridge Studies in Linguistics

Handbook of Comparative and Historical Indo-European Linguistics

The languages of the world and language families

Glottolog - "Comprehensive reference information for the world's languages, especially the lesser known languages."

Ethnologue - "A comprehensive reference work cataloging all of the world’s known living languages."

Language Landscape - map with links to recordings of the languages of the world.

Scriptsource - "collaborative reference to the writing systems of the world"

Multitree "MultiTree is a searchable database of hypotheses on language relationships."

LL-MAP - "a digital mapping project that integrates language data and information from the physical and social sciences.

Endangered Languages - A project to support language preservation and documentation around the world

UNESCO Atlas of the World's Languages in Danger

Encyclopedias & lexicons

The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Linguistics

Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Linguistics

International Encyclopedia of Linguistics

Glottopedia - "is a freely editable encyclopedia for linguists by linguists that is currently being built up"

Lexicon of Linguistics, University of Utrecht

GOLD - an ontology for descriptive linguistics

Linguistic bibliographies

MLA International Bibliography

Linguistic bibliography online (BL online)

Bibliographie linguistischer Literatur (BLL)

LingBuzz "is an openly accessible repository of scholarly papers, discussions and other documents for linguistics"

Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts (LLBA)


Oxford English Dictionary (OED)Oxford Language Reference - specialized dictionaries

E-mail lists & blogs

The Linguist List - "a forum where academic linguists can discuss linguistic issues and exchange linguistic information."

Andre lingvistiske e-postlister

Diversity Linguistics Comment - "a blog for discussion for descriptive linguists, language typologists and historical-comparative linguists."

Philosophy of Linguistics - a blog "On the Nature of the Science of Language"

Language on the move - peer-reviewed sociolinguistics research site devoted to multilingualism, language learning and intercultural communication in the contexts of globalization and migration

Databases og corpora

CLARINO Bergen Centre - "A repository to search and deposit language data."

Tekstlaboratoriet - provides access to many different corpora and tools.

WALS Online - "The World Atlas of Language Structures (WALS) is a large database of structural (phonological, grammatical, lexical) properties of languages gathered from descriptive materials (such as reference grammars) by a team of 55 authors."

PHOIBLE Online - "A repository of cross-linguistic phonological inventory data"

Surrey Morphology Group's databases

The Universals Archive

The World Loanword Database (WOLD)

The Atlas of Pidgin and Creole Language Structures (APiCS)

AfBo: A world-wide survey of affix borrowing

The Intercontinental Dictionary Series

The database of the Automated Similarity Judgment Program (ASJP) "aims to contain 40-item word lists of all the world's languages"

Tsammalex "a multilingual lexical database on plants and animals

OLAC - Open Language Archives Community

Rosetta Project - Long-term archiving of human languages

ODIN - The Online Database of Interlinear Text


LAP - Language analysis portal (IFI) "provides an intuitive and easy-to-use web interface to a centralized repository of a wide range of language technology tools, all installed on a high-performance computing (HPC) cluster."

Praat - open source software til behandling av fonetiske data.

Online Linguistic Database - "a software for linguistic fieldwork"

Linguistic Data Consortium's tools - tools for linguistic annotation.

e-linguistics - cyberinfrastructure for linguistics.

Best Practices in Digital Language Documentation


If you find yourself stuck on a library related question, you may request an appointment for guidance ('Order a librarian'). We are happy to visit research groups or other groups in need of an update on our services. Please find the contact address at the bottom of this page. We (in cooperation with other specialists at the university library) will be able to answer questions regarding:

  • An overview of relevant databases and platforms with their respective strengths and weaknesses
  • Use of thesauri and controlled vocabularies in the databases
  • The use of search builders/command searchinng
  • How to document your searches
  • Exhaustive and precise searching
  • Finding and using e-books
  • Citing correctly
  • EndNote
  • Copyrights and publishing
  • Publication fees and funding
  • Analysing scientific literature using bibliometric methods
  • Measuring citations - methods and use for evaluation purposes
  • The national system for registering, evaluating and reporting of research and research documentation (CRIstin)