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The library provides access to a wide selection of books, theses and journals in Cultural Studies, in printed or electronic form. Oria, the search box above, is used to search the catalogue. If you are unable to locate a book you may make a purchase request or interlibrary loan. For assistance in literature search please contact your academic librarian.


Selection of new books

On the shelves

Books in Cultural Studies are found at the Library of Humanities with anthropological and sociological literature, i.e. the 300-series on the second floor. Relevant literature is also found among the 700-numbers, which includes topics on recreation, sports and games. Also see the 200-series for religious studies and the 900-series for history.

020: Library Sciences363.69: Heritage preservation
069: Museology390: Customs
133.4: Magic and witchcraft391: Costume and appearance
299.94: New religions and Neopaganism392: Domestic customs and rites
301: Cultural Studies, Sociology, Anthropology393: Death customs
304.8: Migration394: General customs
305.8: Ethnology, ethnisity395: Etiquette and manners
306: Popular-, sub-, and material culture398: Folklore
307: Comminities; urban and rural901: Cultural heritage, history