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Bibliotek for matematisk-naturvitenskapelige fag

General information about the Science Library

Facilities, resources, and opening times at the University of Bergen Science Library

Chairs and working spaces at the science library

We cover all subjects that belong to the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. You find an overview about printed and electronic recourses within your subject on our Subject Pages for chemistry, physics and technology, biology, molecular biology, geosciences, mathematics and computer science. We have all curriculum material available in the library (Pensumsamlingen).

National negotiations between the higher education sector and the large journal publishers (29.03.2019): See here for status and information about access.

Finding literature

To find out what is available at the library, use the blue box at the top of this page to use our search engine, Oria. In Oria you can find and order printed or electronic material belonging to the University of Bergen or other Norwegian libraries.

If you cannot find the book you are looking for at UiB, you can suggest to your academic librarian that they purchase the book (find contact details on the relevant subject page). You can also order a loan from another library (free of charge). You will be notified when the book arrives.

Guidance for using Oria is available here. You can find more information about searching, lending or and renewing your loans at the top of the page under ‘Using the Library’. Here you also find information about access and use of e-books.


The University Library offers access to over 16 000 academic journals. If we do not have online full text access to an important paper, you can order it through Oria and pick it up from the library within a few days.

We also provide access to scientific and subject specific databases. This includes Web of Science, one of the largest databases in science. Go to your subject page to find information about specific databases.

Whenever you use Google scholar/books, make sure you change the settings to activate the University of Bergen ‘Library Link’ function. The "More at UiB" function will check access, or when necessary, guide you to a proxy server for access.

Reference management

We can offer support for several programs (information about these programs can be found here). Get in touch for help, or attend one of our courses. We regularly offer EndNote courses, with occasional workshops in Mendeley or Zotero. Check the calendar at the bottom of the library homepage to get information about the next upcoming course.

A site license provided by the University Library allows University employees to download and install EndNote on their private computers. To install on UiB office computers, contact the IT department/use the software centre.

Help, guidance and courses

For basic questions regarding access or loans, use the library chat in the red window at the bottom of the library webpage. For field-specific question we have academic librarians that have master degrees or PhDs in science. At the bottom of each of the Subject Pages you can find contact information for the subject specialist in your field.

You can find more information for the writing process at the top of the page under ‘Writing and Research’ . Students and employees can also ‘book a librarian’ and get individual help with information searching and guidance about how to locate relevant literature.

Open Access publications and funding

You can find more information about Open Access publishing and lists of quality controlled open access publications here.

The University of Bergen has established a publication fund to cover the costs for publishing Open Access. The University Library  administrates the fund. You can find more information about the requirements and how to apply on the Publication fund for Open Access page. Our information pages about publication are available at the top of the page under ‘Publish and Share’.