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Overview of the printed and electronic resources in mathematics and statistics.

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If you experience trouble accessing literature you need, please contact us. We may be able to provide digital access, or alternative literature. Also see our pick-up service for students and employees at UiB that are launced April 22. 

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The library holds many printed and electronic books, journals, theses, encylopedias and databases relevant for mathematicians. Use the blue search box above to search our literature (guidance here), and see below for direct links to article databases and reference works.

New titles in Mathematics

Library Services

As well as providing literature, we are available for questions or one-to-one guidance for students/employees - don't hesitate to contact us! One-to-one guidance can be particularly helpful when starting on a new assignment or research project. You can book time with a subject librarian, or you can send us an email. We can help with:

  • Finding literature: How to get an overview of your topic, exhaustive and precise literature search, which platforms and databases are relevant and how to use them
  • Using literature: Keeping your literature organised, using reference management software, how to cite various sources
  • Publishing and impact: Open Access publishing, the OA publication fund, Cristin (the national system for registration of research and documentation), BORA, researcher profile and impact
  • Intellectual property rights: Publication, use of another's intellectual work
  • Bibliometry: Analyzing the literature by bibliometric methods

The university library also offers:

Teaching support: You can book a tailored, short course for your students from us, or we can run help-desks related to specific assignments.

Research support: Courses and workshops tailored for researchers are available, in connection with BOA. e.g. "Open data and research data management", "How to increase your visibility and impact", and "Literature searching for systematic review"

Find the right shelf

Print books physically available at the library are marked UBBRB. They are ordered by topic on the shelves using the Dewey Decimal Classification (the numerical code after "UBBRB").

For ebooks, check here how to access and use e-books, or ask at our desk.

For books which are already on loan, choose 'reserve', or browse for alternatives using the Virtual Shelf at the bottom of the page for your chosen book. For browsing our physical shelves, ask staff to help you find the shelves most relevant. 

If you can't find an item at the University of Bergen Library, try searching in all Norwegian Academic Libraries via the dropdown menu in the search bar. Many items can be ordered, and sent to our library for you (free of charge). If you can't find the book you need anywhere in Oria, send us an email, or request via Oria (using "Order" in the main menu).

Books in mathematics are listed with numbers that start with 51. Click the links below to search whole categories in Oria. Some of the most important sub classes are also listed below.

510 General mathematics

  • 510.7 Matematics education/didactics
  • 510.9 History of Mathematics

511 General principles of mathematics

  • 511.3 Mathematical logic (Symbolic logic)
  • 511.5 Graph theory
  • 511.6 Combinatorics

512 Algebra

514 Topology

515 Analysis

  • 515.2 General aspects of analysis
  • 515.3 Differential calculus and equations: 515.35 Differential equations ( 515.352 Ordinary | 515.353 Partial)
  • 515.4 Integral calculus and equations
  • 515.6 Other analytic methods: 515.62 Calculus of finite differences; 515.63 Vector, tensor and spinor analysis; 515.64 Calculus of variations
  • 515.7 Functional analysis
  • 515.9 Functions of complex variables

516 Geometry

  • 516.3 Analytic geometries
    • 516.35 Algebraic geometry
    • 516.36 Differential- and integral geometry

518 Numerical analysis

Many books have chapters on numerical analysis related to the main theme of the book. If, for example, a book is mainly about differential equations, with perhaps a chapter about numerical solutions, it will be found under differential equations (515.35) - if it's primarily about numerical solution of differential equations it will be found under  518.63 (ODEs) or 518.64 (PDEs).

  • 518.0285 Programs for numerical analysis (Matlab, Octave, etc) and programming (Numerical Recipes, GSL).
  • 518.2 Specific methods, e.g. 518.25 finite elements, 518.282 Monte Carlo.
  • 518.43 Numerical linear algebra
  • 518.6 Numerical methods in analysis

519 Probabilities and applied mathematics

  • 519.2 Probabilities
  • 519.3 Game theory
  • 519.5 Statistical matematics
    • 519.52 Theory of sampling
    • 519.53 Descriptive statistics, multivariate analysis, analysis of variance and covariance
  • 519.6 Matematical optimization
  • 519.7 Programing (in the sense of optimization

Scientific Publications/Databases

Scientific papers appear alongside books, reports etc. in Oria. By default, Oria lists only documents you have online or physical access to. Search in all "Norwegian academic libraries" to also include references outside of our immediate access. You can order copies of articles we do not have access to from other libraries via Oria - this service is free of charge.

The subject specific databases listed below offer advanced search functionality lacking from Oria and Google Scholar. While some are free, the links below ensure access or extra services to UiB users.

If you are off campus and click the following links, you will first be directed to a log on screen for the UiB proxy server, to get access even though you're outside the UiB network.




  • MathEduc (specific to mathematic education)
  • ERIC (general pedagogy/didactics)

Curriculum material

We aim to have all curriculum books for courses in mathematrics and statistics at the library. Physical books can be found in the curriculum collection (shelf marked "Pensum") and can be used within the library; in some cases there may also be extra copies or older editions in the main collection for loan. For some courses, literature is available electronically. The links below lead to the library's search engine, Oria. You can access the text by clicking on the link after "Full text available at".

MAT111 Calculus I

MAT211 Real Analysis

MAT214 Complex Analysis

MAT215 Theory of Measure and Integration

MAT224 Commutative Algebra

MAT229 Algebraic Geometry I

MAT230 Nonlinear Differential Equations

MAT232 Functional Analysis

MAT234 Partial Differential Equations

MAT235 Vector and Tensor Analysis

MAT242 Topology

MAT243 Manifolds

MAT244 Algebraic Topology

MAT252 Continuum Mechanics

MAT254 Flow in Porous Media

MAT260 Scientific Computing 2

MAT322 Algebraic Geometry II

MAT325 Algebraic Structures

MAT330 Topics in Applied and Computational Mathematics *

MAT331 Topics in Analysis

MAT344 Cohomology

MAT360 Finite Element Methods and Domain Decomposition

MAT602 Mathematics for teachers, grade 8-11, level 1B

MAT611 Discrete Mathematics, the history of mathematics and digital learning resources

MAT612 Selected topics in mathematics, the history of mathematics and digital learning resources

STAT110 Basic Course in Statistics

STAT111 Statistical Methods

STAT200 Applied Statistics

STAT201 Generalised Linear Models

STAT202 Biostatistics

STAT211 Time Series

STAT220 Stochastic Processes

STAT230 Life Insurance Mathematics

STAT231 Non-Life Insurance Mathematics

STAT240 Theory of Finance

Reference Management

The University Library offers courses and support for referense management tools such as EndNote (access software and guide here), Mendeley, and Zotero.  Ask us or check for courses on the Library Homepage calendar and remember to sign up!

We don't longer offer courses for neither BibTeX nor BibLaTeX, but the University of Oslo has an online BibLaTeX-guide that can be very useful. Just check it out!