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Hybridization and polyploidy in the cinquefoils (Potentilla, Rosaceae)

Our recent open access paper published in 2020 shows that two widespread species of cinquefoil stem from the same hybridization events in their evolutionary history.

Potentilla norvegica
Nannie L. Persson, UiB

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The gene trees indicated that at least four parental lineages are involved, three of which belong to the circumpolar Argentea group, and one belongs to the Ivesioid group. The extant species of the Ivesioid group are morphologically different from the rest of the genus and have a limited distribution to western United States. However, a number of morphologically similar species to the two confirmed allopolyploids occur in the same area, and it is possible that these species were part the same hybridization events.

Get the full text for free from the open access journal BMC Evolutionary Biology: https://bmcevolbiol.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12862-020-1597-7