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Virtual Rose Day 2020

The University Gardens' annual "Rosens dag" had to be called off this year. In its place we are presenting a series of short videos on aspects of the rose collections.

Rosa 'Sigeunerknabe'
Michael Pirie, UiB

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The rose collections at the University Gardens' Arboretum at Milde are flowering in truly spectacular style this year. Right now, the scent of the historic roses is wafting down 'Den historiske bakken', just as the modern roses in the 'Rosehagen' are coming into full flower.

Warmth in June and the careful attention of our rose gardener, Stefan Reimann, have ensured that this will be an optimal year at the Rosarium. Visit us this weekend and see for yourself!

'Rosens dag' cancelled

However, circumstances have robbed our visiting public of a favourite staple of our annual calnder of events: 'Rosens dag'. Held with the Roseforeningen, and offering guided tours and sales, Rosens dag would have been this Saturday. Along with our other larger events this summer, it had to be called off.

To go some way towards replacing Rosens dag, and to document for posterity the experience of having a guided tour from our rose experts, we are instead presenting a series of short videos on aspects of the rose collections. Join Stefan, Per Harald Salvesen, and others at the Rosarium, whenever and wherever you are at our Virtual Rose Day, 2020.

"Virtual Rose Day, 2020", introduced by Per Harald Salvesen (in English)

Michael Pirie, UiB