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Ornamental greenery for sale

Welcome to the decorative greenery sale at Milde. Make a wreath or decorate with winter green from the forest in the Arboretum (just follow the infection control rules and keep your distance)

Pyntegrønt selges fra telt nær Blondehuset og i Botanisk hage.
Ornamental greenery is sold from the tent near Blondehuset.
Bjørn Moe

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It has been a tradition to invite to wreath-making in the Arboretum on the first Sunday in Advent.

This year we could not do this due to the corona epidemic and the risk of infection. But as an alternative, we are selling decorative greenery taken from the forest in the Arboretum.

We have cut branches from holly, fir, noble spruce and other evergreen trees. From the willow collection in the Botanical Garden, we have cut willow twigs that can be used as a subject to make a beautiful wreath. You just need to buy string to tie with (hobby shop), we have the rest.

We sell both individual branches and bundles with an assorted selection that can also be used directly for decoration.

The sale will take place from a tent in the Arboretum (by Blondehuset).

Sales are unmanned and based on self-service. We recommend bringing gloves.

Payment: VIPPS 29626 "Botanical Garden", or to bank account no. 3624.53.24442 "Friends of the Arboretum".

The sale starts on Saturday 28 November and lasts as long as the stock lasts.

Icookkitchen serves in the Botanical Garden every day from 11 am to 4 pm.