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A botanical Christmas at Milde

The botany of Christmas - exhibition at the Arboretum 2021

Have you ever considered the importance of botany is in our Christmas traditions? Aromatic spices, traditional nuts and fruits, and of course Christmas decorations. Learn more at our Christmas exhibition in Blondehuset.

Main content

This is the sixth time that we have presented our Christmas exhibition in Blondehuset. It is entitled 'Julens botanikk' (the botany of Christmas), and the focus is exclusively on the plants. No father Christmas or other non-botanical paraphernalia. The exhibition is divided into four themes: 'the taste of Christmas', 'nuts and fruit', 'Christmas flowers', and 'winter green'. The first three themes are presented inside Blondehuset, the last outside in the garden. Plants such as spruce, mistletoe and holly are brought in from our collections in the Arboretum, while exotic plants such as pepper and other spices come from the greenhouse. Some of the Christmas flowers are bought in to look their best for the occasion.

Use the opportunity for an atmospheric and informative visit during Advent. The exhibition is open every day from the 28th of November to the 20th of December. Volunteers from the Friends of the Arboretum will be on duty keeping Blondehuset open duing the weekends and serving mulled wine to those who come by.

Education for school classes

Schools can book a guided tour of the exhibition, both inside Blondehuset and outside in the garden. All levels from primary school to high school can be accommodated. The pupils can see and - not least - smell the plants and spices that belong to Christmas. They get to observe the classic Christmas plants, see what they look like and find out where they come from.

We offer assignments adapted to different school years, in which the pupils find the answers by studying the plants in the exhibition.

Practical information

There are exhibitions both indoors and outdoors. A large school class will be divided into two so that there are no more than 15 students inside Blondehuset while the others look at the exhibitions outside. If you have more than 30 pupils with you, you should reserve a whole day by registering both before and after lunch.

Registration via https://www.skolelab.no/minside/?kurs_id=1481.

Primary schools in Bergen can use the 'kulturbilletten' to travel with pupils. 

Buss 53 from Birkelandsskiftet terminal (bybanen) to Milde, bus stop 'Fana folkehøgskule'. It is a 10 minute walk from the bus stop to Blondehuset.

Bus times and estimated arrival at Blondehuset:

Birkelandsskiftet terminal8.50 9.4410.1410.4411.1411.4412.1412.4413.1413.44
Fana folkehøgskule9.0810.0210.3211.0211.3212.0212.3213.0213.3214.02

Return times with the bus:

Milde snuplass11.0811.3812.0812.3813.1513.3814.0814.2314.38
Birkelandsskiftet terminal11.2711.5712.2712.5713.3313.5614.2614.4114.56