The University Gardens
Guided tour

Sunday at Milde: "Tropical botany for the uninitiated"

Welcome to a guided tour in the Arboretum!

Inside the tropical glasshouse at Milde
Michael D. Pirie

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Enjoy the gardens and join one of our experts, Michael D. Pirie, for a tour (in English).

Discover hidden treasures, see the season's highpoints, and learn about the thinking behind the different exhibits. We will meet at Blondehuset and take a tour to see some of the collections at their best in the gardens. The tour will take around an hour. 


Step out of the Arboretum's temperate rainforest and into the humid riches of the tropics in the company of scientific curator - and lapsed tropical botanist - Michael Pirie. Find out what it takes to discover new species in the world's most diverse biomes, and encounter some of that botanical diversity from the comfort of our own tropical glasshouse. Tour in English, meet at 12:00 in front of Blondehuset.