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No single-use barbecues at bathing sites

After several cases of fires started from disposable grills at the Grønevika and Sandholna bathing areas, Bergen municipality has now imposed a ban on the use of single-use grills. A communal grill has been set up in Grønevika which is available to all.

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Barbecues and fires outside the dedicated campfire and barbecue areas constitute a fire risk, and there have been several fires caused by disposable grills at the gardens. In 2021 alone, there were three such incidents.

The water supply network in the area dates to 1970 and only has extinguishing capacity as far as Fana folkehøgskule. We cannot extinguish fires by helicopter without losing the plant collections because they cannot tolerate salt water. Fire in the Arboretum area can therefore have serious consequences both for the loss of irreplaceable plant collections, unique genetic material and rare and globally endangered species, as well as for buildings, nursing homes, kindergartens, schools and more near the Arboretum. The area will also be significantly degraded as a hiking and recreational area for a long time if a major fire should occur.

For this reason, Bergen municipality has now banned the use of disposable grills in this area. It is now only permitted to use the fixed barbecue provided.