The University Gardens
Blondehuset, Arboretet

Mushroom Day 2023

Mushroom Day is a joint celebration in Norway, Sweden and Denmark - this is always the first Sunday in September. The Norwegian Mushroom and Useful Plants Association in collaboration with its 38 member associations is now responsible for the events in Norway.

The mushroom exhibition inBlondehusete is usually Norway's largest mushroom exhibition. Mushroom soup is sold in the cafe section at the back
Terhi Pousi
Soppquiz for barna studeres ivrig
Mushroom control and mushroom quiz take place outdoors
Terhi Pousi
The mushroom exhibition was added to the car park for infection control reasons in 2020. Where will it be in 2023?
Bjørn Moe

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The purpose is to focus on a group of organisms that mostly live in hiding.
There are around 7,000 species of boletus mushrooms in Norway, and they play an important role in nature. The fungus is a part of the unique interaction between trees and plants. Many species cannot exist without fungal symbiosis. The fungus also helps to break down dead trees, twigs, baby needles and much more. This in turn provides nourishment for new growth.

A mushroom trip can bring culinary experiences, provide exercise and increased well-being, as well as many fine nature experiences. Knowledge of nature makes the trip richer.

We hope the day will provide an inspiration for more knowledge about mushrooms and the joys a mushroom trip will bring. We have many volunteers here today who can talk about our work and perhaps also inspire you to become a member.

Here it will be
mushroom exhibition
sale of effects
mushroom soup
mushroom quiz for children.

Of course, we have mushroom control, which is open to everyone and applies all day.


Bergen sopp- og nyttevekstforening
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