The University Gardens

Open glasshouse

The tropical section of the glasshouses at Milde will be open to the public!

Sukulent i blomst, med mørkt røde klokker
Staphelia i blomst
Bjørn Moe

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From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., on the third Tuesday of each month, you can experience this otherwise closed part of the Arboretum and Bergen Botanical Garden. In the tropical section of the greenhouse, you can see many plants that cannot survive outdoors in Norway. In addition to a number of large fig trees, we have citrus trees, various palms, ferns, bougainvillea, naranjilla, sapodilla, sugar cane, banana plant - to name a few.

You can wander around on your own, see and read about the various plants.

In the tropical department, we take care of plants that were previously used in active research on, among other things, figs. In addition, we have plants that are used in botany lessons at the university.

The tropical part of the greenhouse is popular as a location for various photo assignments such as advertising contributions to newspapers and album covers. We are opening it for a few days throughout the year to see how it is received by the public.