The University Gardens

Exhibition: The botany of Christmas

Welcome to an exhibition in Blondehuset about the botany of Christmas. Here, the plants – the botany are the centre of attention.

Main content

We wish to highlight our classic Christmas plants, to give information about what they really are and where they come from.

The exhibition is divided into four themes: 1) A taste of Christmas, a display of the Christmas spices that we use in different types of Christmas baking, 2) Nuts and fruits where we mention the festive goodies of Christmas and their use, 3) Christmas flowers with focus on the ones that are used in decorations, and 4) Winter greenery where we inform about the traditions of indoor and outdoor decorations.

Weekdays, open from 08.00 to 15.30, Saturday and Sunday 11.00 – 15.00. 

The exhibition is open to all from 1 to 22 December at Blondehuset.