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Administration and Organization Theory is the comparative analysis of politics, administration, and organization. It belongs to the study of political science and it is founded on political and social theories.

Do you want to study public administration and political science?

We offer a two-year Masters Programme in Public Administration (MPA), taught in English. We also offer courses taught in English at the bachelors level.

If you need information regarding your studies and student services you can contact the study advisor or The Information Centre at The Faculty of Social Sciences.


Why did our students choose the MPA programme?

See what motivated some of our students to attend the programme, and what they have learned from it.

What is life like as a student at the UiB?

Practical information about student life at the university, date of exams, scheduling and more can be found at this page.

New book
Picture of researcher Jenny Krutzinna

The Ethics of Medical Data Donation

Postdoc Jenny Krutzinna addresses the state's obligation to facilitate ethical medical data donation.

Hjellum and Lægreid

From master thesis to scientific publication

Magnus Sirnes Hjellum and Per Lægreid with new publication in Safety Science.

Book chapter
Bildet viser en tom huske med skygge av et barn

Are children in Norway sufficiently protected?

Skivenes and Falch-Eriksen identify possible blind spots in the Norwegian child protection system.

Ivar Bleiklie
Mar 08

Laudatio Seminar Ivar Bleiklie

To celebrate Professor Ivar Bleklie's long career at the Department of Administrastion and organization Theory, we hereby invite you to the laudatio seminar for Ivar on the occasion of his retirement. The seminar will take place on March 8, 2019 at Knut Faegris house. ...

March / Olsen Honorary Lecture 2018

The first Honorary Lecture for James G. March and Johan P. Olsen

On May 23, 2018 the first March / Olsen Honorary Lecture was held in the University Aula at the University of Bergen.

What kind of job can you get?

Every year approximate 10-15 international candidates complete the Master’s Programme in Public Administration. With a degree in Public Administration, the opportunities are many. 

On this page you can read some short interviews with former students.

Career opportunities


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