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Doctoral dissertations

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Anne-Lise BreivikDeterminants of Health and Labor Market OutcomesPhD


Signe Aase AbrahamsenPublic Policy, Health and Welfare. Three essays in Applied Microeconomics.PhD
Otto Sevaldson LillebøFour essays on ageing, health and labour market participationPhD
Elisabeth FevangEconomic incentives, employment and healthPhD
Maja Weemes GrøttingEmpirical Essays on Health and AgingPhD
Eirik André StrømlandFour Essays on the Economics of ResearchPhD

2000 - 2009


Eirik Norvald Christensen

Auctions – theory, empirics and experiments



Liv Osland

Spatial variation in housing prices: Econometric analyses of regional housing markets

Dr. polit.


Helge Berglann

Non-linear taxes in resource management and pollution control

Dr. polit.


Odd Godal

Five essays on emissions trading

Dr. polit.


Bjarne Robberstad

Economic evaluation of health interventions in sub-Saharan Africa. Applied economic evaluations and studies on time preferences for health in Tanzania



Frode Meland

Globalization and labour markets

Dr. polit.


Kurt Richard Brekke

Five essays on competition and regulation in health care markets

Dr. polit.


Tor Helge Holmås

Essays on labour markets in the health care sector

Dr. polit.


Gjermund Nese

Essays on liberalized energy markets

Dr. polit.


Anne Line Bretteville-Jensen

Understanding the demand for illictid drugs. An empirical approach based on self-reported data

Dr. polit.


Ghazala Naz

Effects of women's education on fertility and child care

Dr. polit.


Odd Rune Straume

Five essays on trade unions and imperfect product market competition

Dr. polit.


Erik Nesset

Four essays on determinants of economic growth and their implications for economic policy

Dr. polit.


Egil Kjerstad

Essays on public policy and private incentives

Dr. polit.


Astrid Louise Grasdal

Evaluation of labor market outcomes with experimental and non-experimental methods

Dr. polit.


Magnus Hatlebakk

Essays on power and poverty in informal rural markets

Dr. polit.


Maria Sandsmark

Essays on conflict and cooperation

Dr. polit.


Oddvar M. Kaarbøe

Five essays on equilibrium selection in evolutionary games

Dr. polit.

1978 - 1999


Inge Thorsen

Spatial interaction modeling and consequences of topographical barriers in the transportation network on location profiles and travel demand

Dr. philos.


Arild Aakvik

Five essays on the microeconometric evaluation of job training programs

Dr. polit.


John Hayfron

The labour market experience of immigrants in Norway

Dr. polit.


Hildegunn Kyvik Nordås

Essays on industrial structure and economic growth

Dr. polit.


Ussif Rashid Sumaila

Essays on the application of game theory in natural resource management (emphasis on fisheries

Dr. polit.


Espen Bratberg

Incentives in social insurance

Dr. polit.


Berit Tennbakk

Market behavior of agricultural cooperatives

Dr. polit.


Kjell Vaage

Econometric analyses of energy markets

Dr. polit.


Tommy Staahl Gabrielsen

Five essays on vertical contracting

Dr. polit.


Bjarne Strøm

Five essays on public sector labour markets

Dr. polit.


Jon Magnussen

Hospital efficiency in Norway – a nonparametric analysis

Dr. polit.


Alf Erling Risa

Accidents, compensating behavior, and economic policy

Dr. philos.


Steinar Vagstad

Five essays on incentives in procurement contracting

Dr. polit.


Jan Morten Dyrstad

Wage formation in a booming economy

Dr. polit.


Gunnar Stensland

Økonomisk informasjonsteori: om optimale søkeregler og deres anvendelser i ressursøkonomi

Dr. polit.


Aina L. Uhde

On the optimal allocation of resources to health care. Implications for cost-benefit analyses

Dr. philos.