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Purchases and procurements

Follow-up of purchases

When a puchase is completed it is important to follow-up the following process. The information given below is relevant both for framework agreements and individual purchases.

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Reference to the purchase order

Once a contract is signed, ask your local purchaser to place a purchase order in the purchase management system. The supplier must mark their invoice(s) with the PO number automatically generated in the purchase management system.

Receipt of goods and services

Always make sure to check whether or not the goods/services are in accordance with agreed requirements as soon as you receive them. If yes, inform your local purchaser, so they can register the goods/services as  received in the purchase management system.

Faults and defects

If there are faults or defects with the good/service, notify the supplier of this immediatly, and ask for the fault/defect to be repaired or for the good/service to be redelivered. The same applies if delivery is delayed.

The agreed terms of warranty will decide whether or not the supplier is obliged to repair faults detected more than a year after delivery.     

Contact the responsible procurement officer if the supplier fails to repair or redeliver the good/service. Please visit our contract catalogue, Avtaleportalen, to find out who is the responsible procurement officer for your contract.  


To register deviations for systematic follow-up, please use the function in the contract catalogue Avtaleportalen: "register deviation". The deviation will then be registered in our contract management system and be used in status meetings with the supplier.

Environmental responsibility

Minimizing the environmental impact of public procurement is an important public goal. If goods are delivered with excess or incorrect packaging, please contact the responsible procurement officer so that the supplier can be made aware of the issue and improve.