Department of Earth Science

GMS lab

The Geological Mass Spectrometry laboratory is a state of the art lab for analyzing oxygen, nitrogen and carbon isotopes in geological and biological samples.

The available equipment includes:
One ThermoFinnigan MAT253 IRMS with attached Kiel III carbonate preparation device optimized for small sample analyses of oxygen and carbon isotopes in carbonates.

One ThermoFinnigan MAT252 IRMS coupled to 1) a Gasbench II universal on-line gas preparation and introduction system for IRMS, 2) a Flash Elemental Analyzer for analyzing nitrogen and carbon isotopes, and 3) a Trace GC for Compound Specific Isotope Ratio Analysis.

One ThermoFinnigan MAT251 with a Kiel II carbonate preparation device attached for analyses of carbon and oxygen isotopes in carbonates

One ThermoFinnigan Delta E Mass spectrometer with a multiport for gas samples, an equilibration device for18O analysis of water samples, and a combustion device for analyzing carbon and nitrogen isotopes in solid and liquid samples.

Additional equipment includes Two Mettler MX5 micro balances with one micrgram readability and two ultrasonic baths.

Contact information:
Scientific responsible: Ulysses Ninnemann and Nele Meckler
Senior Engineer: Pål-Tore Mørkved

This laboratory is located in Allégaten 41, 5th floor.