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ERC-grant to Arctic sea ice and Greenland ice sheet research

What will happen to the Greenland Ice Sheet if the Arctic sea ice covers disappears?

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The European Research Council (ERC) has granted paleoclimate researchers at the University of Bergen and Uni Research more than 50 mill NOK for five years  of research.

Earlier this year Kerim Nisancioglu, Trond Dokken and Eystein Jansen together with danish colleagues Jens Hesselbjerg Christensen and Bo Møllesøe Vinther submitted the proposal "Arctic Sea Ice and Greenland Ice Sheet Sensitivity (Ice2Ice)" to the ERCs Synergy Grant Call earlier this year.

Sunday a positive answer came from Brussels, which means a five year funding of about 100 mill NOK, of which approximately 11-12 mill NOK per year are shared between the paleo researchers at Uni Climate and UiB, Department of Earth Science.

Read more about the "Ice2Ice" ERC-grant on the Bjerknes Centre web page.