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Please contact the research coordinator for further information. You can also get administrative support for your application.

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1. Research mobility grants

• NFR - Funding for Research Stays Abroad for Doctoral and Postdoctoral Fellows

The scheme for research stays abroad is available to doctoral and postdoctoral fellowship-holders who are wholly or partially funded by the Research Council and affiliated with an ongoing project for a period of minimum 24 months. 


• NFR - Funding for Research Stays Abroad for Researchers

Funding is available for research stays at a research organisation abroad. Research stays abroad are to have a duration of minimum three months, and maximum 12 months. 


• NFR - Funding for Research Stays in Norway for Visiting Researchers

Under this call for proposals, funding is available for researchers from other countries to carry out a research stay at a Norwegian research organisation. This call has an open-ended submission deadline, i.e. grant applications may be submitted at any time during the year, and will be processed on an ongoing basis. Research stays are to have a duration of minimum one month, and maximum 12 months. 


2. Coordination and Support Activity

• NFR - Communication and Dissemination support of Climate Research


• NFR - Support for events

This funding is intended to better equip applicants to organise conferences, workshops and seminars. READ MORE

• NFR - The UN Decade of Ocean Science – Communication and Dissemination


• NFR - Support for the Establishment and Management of National and International Networks

Funding under this call is available for the establishment and operation of networks between research organisations, or between research organisations and other relevant stakeholders, for the following activities:

  • establishment and operation of national networks;
  • establishment and operation of international networks involving Norwegian coordination;
  • Norwegian participation in international networks;
  • organisation of Norwegian stakeholders’ activities targeted towards strategically important platforms.

In this context, “networks” are understood to be formalised, long-term cooperative structures, platforms or meeting places.


• NFR - Financial Support to Submit a New ERC Grant Proposal

If you have applied to the ERC (StG, CoG or AdG) and advanced to stage two, but not been awarded funding, you are eligible for support to prepare a new proposal. The Research Council awards up to NOK 500 000 to applicants submitting a new grant proposal within two years of submitting the original one. 


• NFR - Support for Travel to Expand Industry-oriented R&D Cooperation with Countries Outside the EU/EEA

Travel funding is to cover direct costs related to travel and accommodation/board in connection with meetings and other activities outside the EU/EEA. The purpose of the travel must be to identify potential partners for future international, industry-oriented projects. Applicants must be Norwegian companies, public sector bodies or R&D organisations with existing or recently concluded projects (no more than two years since conclusion of the project period) in the Research Council’s project portfolio.


• COST - Funding networking activities - Collection Date 2022-10-20 12:00 (CET)

The European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) funds interdisciplinary research networks (namely COST Actions), not research, but this can be great for young researchers or those who lack an international network. Participation in COST Actions has led to significant results and follow-up in terms of the number of proposals submitted for collaborative research in EU Framework Programmes. In 2022, up to 70 new COST Actions are expected to be approved (subject to available budget), and is bottom up for all fields of research.  Read more about: 

3. Special

• NFR - Support for research stays and fieldwork on Svalbard and in Ny-Ålesund

You can apply for support for research stays and fieldwork for Norwegian research institutions on Svalbard that address sustainable utilization of marine resources and more sustainable marine research. Activities that take place in Ny-Ålesund and utilize the resources, networks and infrastructure there will be prioritized.

  • Funding scale: NOK 100 000 - 500 000
  • Relevant thematic areas: Climate and polar research
  • Application deadline: open-ended
  • Link to the call text: click here

• DIKU - Arctic Research and Studies

This program is intended to encourage scientific cooperation between higher education institutions and research organizations in Norway and Iceland in Arctic science. The program issue a call for a total of approximately EUR 300.000 to fund activities within this framework. 


January - 2023 

1. Calls for proposals under Akademiaavtalen - Deadline 2023-01-06

Category 1: Seed money for project development (up to 250 000kr per project) in line with the following focus areas.


  • Utvikle ny undergrunns G&G-kompetanse og konsepter
  • Forbedre kunnskap, verktøy og arbeidsmetodikk innenfor reservoardynamikk
  • Integrert seismisk avbildning og tolkning ved utnyttelse av konsepter, modeller og tilgjengelig G&G-data

Energitransformasjon og fremtidige verdikjeder: 

  • Lavkarbon-løsninger i energiproduksjon
  • Optimal utnyttelse av havvind-ressurser
  • Samfunnsmessige implikasjoner og muligheter ved overgang til fornybar energi

Category 2: Funds for development of field course activities and/or new field course (up to 400 000kr per course)

How to apply? Click here
Guidelines for applicants can be found here (you need to use VPN to open the webpage, if you are not at UiB campus). 

2. UiB - Fond og Legator - Deadline 2023-01-23

Fond og Legator typically supports activities such as research, travel, sabbatical leave, outreach, participating/organizing scientific conferences, educational development through testing and research into new teaching and learning forms, etc. Details can be found here: https://www.uib.no/foransatte/100535/fond-og-legater-ved-uib.

3. Åsgård 2023 - Deadline 2023-01-31

The Department for scientific cooperation of the French Embassy in Norway, in collaboration with the Research Council, has opened the call for applications to the Åsgård program! The Åsgård exchange program is open to researchers , professionals between academia and business, and administrative staff in research environments. It aims at inviting French and Norwegian staff for a one-week visit respectively to Norway or to France. See details here.

February - 2023

Researcher project (Deadline 2023-02-08 13:00 CET) 

Collaborative and Knowledge-building Project (Deadline 2023-02-15 13:00 CET)  

The call text of all the calls mentioned above has been updated on Dec.14. Recording of the seminars for applicants can be found here.

Please check email from Linling Chen and/or Anne Fjellbirkeland for internal routine and deadlines at MN-faculty.

FRIPRO programme is not included in the calls mentioned above, but check the call with deadline in March 2023.

March - 2023

1. MSCA Staff Exchanges - Deadline 2023-03-08

Staff Exchanges (SE) under MSCA funding scheme funds short-term (1-12 months) international and inter-sectoral exchanges of staff members involved in research and innovation activities of participating organisations. MSCA SE is open to international consortia of universities, research institutions, businesses, SMEs and other non-academic organisations. 

What does the funding cover? Who can apply? How to apply? Please check here.

Webinar for applicants: December 14 9:30-11:00. Recordding can be found here.

2. NFR FRIPRO - researcher project for Young Talents - Deadline 2023-03-15

NFR has now announced the call for researcher project for Young Talents (2-7 years after your PhD & be younger than 40 years old on the date of the application submission deadline). Research topic under the call is groundbreaking research (Banebrytende forskning, FRIPRO). Please check the details here.

April - 2023

1. Peder Sather Grant - Deadline 2023-04-03

The Peder Sather Center for Advanced Study offers grants to support research collaboration between UC Berkeley and eight Norwegian universities, including UiB. Funds (between $10K and $25K) are made available for two academic years. Grants can support activities such as workshops, mini-conferences, virtual intellectual exchanges, the undertaking of exploratory and pilot studies, activities such as PhD student exchanges, longer-term stays for principal investigators, the collection and analysis of data, and other core research activities.

How to apply? https://sathercenter.berkeley.edu/peder-sather-grant/
FAQs: https://sathercenter.berkeley.edu/peder-sather-grant/peder-sather-grant-...