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The kindergarten from an implementation perspective

Kjetil Børhaug and Hanne Kvilhaugsvik are contributors of a recent book on the framework plan for kindergartens.

Screenshot of the book cover.

Main content

The new anthology investigates the impact of the 2017 framework plan for kindergartens in both the kindergarten setting and the broader field of early childhood education. This exploration is conducted through various methods and an extensive range of sources. The book examines how kindergarten authorities, owners, staff, and other stakeholders comprehend the goals and intentions of the new framework plan and how they experience its implementation. Furthermore, the book explores how these stakeholders utilize the framework plan by investigating selected areas, including the field of study in kindergarten, progression as a working method, Sami perspectives, and transitions. The book also addresses changes in ownership roles and the role of municipalities as supervisory authorities.

The book is based on the evaluation of the implementation of the framework plan for kindergartens, which is a comprehensive research project conducted by researchers at NORCE Society, University of Bergen and the Western Norway University of Applied Science. The research project is commissioned by the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training. Anne Homme (NORCE), Hilde Danielsen (NORCE), and Kari Ludvigsen (Western Norway University of Applied Sciences) are the editors of the book.

The book is published by Fagbokforlaget and is openly accessible here.