Faculty of Law

National PhD seminar in Law (DNDS) 2020: Law, legal science and politics – New relations?

The Faculty of Law, University of Bergen, is glad to host the National PhD seminar in Law (DNDS) 2020. The seminar will take place on a digital platform, and is suitable for both English- and Norwegian-speaking PhD-candidates.

Facutly of Law, University of Bergen
Magnus Halsnes

Law, legal science and politics – New relations?

Law and politics have always been closely intertwined. Law is both a instrument for and a limit on politics. Legal philosophy has put much effort into understanding this relation more properly. The intimate connection between law and politics has in turn been central to discussions on legal science, its objective, justification, and methodological standards. However, politics is changing, and so too are law and legal science. So, where are we heading?

Registration & abstracts

Registration deadline: 12 June 2020

All participants is asked to send in an abstract (1/2-1 page). The abstract should briefly describe the subject of your thesis and the main research questions. If possible, also methodological challenges should be addressed.

Send in your abstract within 14 August 2020

Please contact your PhD administration for registration and submission of abstract.


Two lectures and litterature will be distributed in August.
The speakers will be announced before the summer.

Project presentation

The program includes project presentations from four PhD candidates. If you would like to present your project, please send an email to Gunhild.Brubakken@uib.no, with your name and project title, and a few sentences about your project. Please also inform us if you prefer to hold your presentation in English or Norwegian, or if your fine with either one. 


17 September

10.30-11.30Group discussions
11.30-12.30Lunch break
12.30-14.00Plenum session and discussion


18 September

10.00-11.302 parallel project presentations
11.30-12.30Lunch break
12.30-14.002 parallel project presentations