Faculty of Medicine

Guidelines for the use of running costs (driftsmidler) for UiB research fellows and students in the Medical Student Research Programme

These guidelines apply to running costs (driftsmidler) allocated each year by the Faculty of Medicine. Running costs are granted for fellowship positions funded by the Faculty of Medicine, as well as students in the Medical Student Research Programme

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- NOK 35,000 per Research Fellow

- NOK 55,000 per Postdoctoral Fellow

Up to NOK 15,000 per position can be used to cover costs at the departments, the rest is managed by the supervisor / student or research fellow / research group.

For the students in the Medical Student Research Programme, the following rates apply:

- NOK 32,500 for the year in which the students are doing full-time research

- NOK 16,250 for the two years of part-time research

The funds are distributed as part of the annual allocation to the departments. The running costs can be used for purchasing books, scientific assistance (including proofreading), IT equipment*, as well as travel and courses relevant to the project. Purchases must be made in consultation with the department, to ensure that UiB's purchasing routines are followed.

Note that UiB has several framework agreements for purchases that must be adhered to by UiB employees, including agreements with travel agencies, hotels, suppliers of IT equipment, etc. Most goods and services are covered by such agreements.

* The amount can be used to purchase a laptop and/or a tablet (e.g. iPad) if this need is not covered by the department or external sources of funding. However, such equipment is only covered if it has been purchased by the purchasing manager at the department and is regarded as the University's property. Equipment must be returned to the department upon termination of employment. Equipment can be bought by the employee when leaving the position if the department agrees, using the UiB guidelines: https://www.uib.no/foransatte/92506/kassasjon-utrangering-salg-av-utstyr (in Norwegian only).

Should there be any doubt if any expenses are covered by these guidelines, this should be discussed with the financial coordinator at the department in advance of any purchase.

Funding from external sources should be sought where possible and appropriate.

Running costs that have not been used before the end of the financial year can be transferred to the next year. Please contact the financial coordinator at the department if activities are postponed. Within six months after the end of the scholarship period, funds can only be transferred upon application to cover costs such as thesis printing, presentation at conferences and such.