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International collaboration in the PhD programme

Information about going abroad as a PhD candidate and our membership in international organizations that promote PhD training in medicine and health sciences

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The Faculty of Medicine is a founding member of NorDoc, a nordic network for PhD training within the health sciences

It is the aim of NorDoc to provide free access to all courses – both scientific and transferable skills - for doctoral candidates affiliated with a NorDoc member.  All PhD candidates at our faculty can participate in courses at other member institutions on the same terms as local candidates.

NorDoc also holds a PhD Summit every year, a conference for Nordic PhD candidates where you posters can be presented, and you can be inspired about current issues like carreer planning, Open Science and Innovation. 

Website: https://www.nordochealth.net/ 

Upcoming PhD summits: 

Århus 2019

Copenhagen 2020



The Faculty of Medicine is a member of ORPHEUS - Organization for PhD Education in Biomedicine and Health Related Sciences in the European System.

The aims of ORPHEUS are:

  • To give active support and guidance to members of ORPHEUS in enhancing their contributions to medicine and society in general.
  • To provide information to members of ORPHEUS and all PhD candidates all over Europe.
  • To represent higher education and research in biomedicine and health sciences and to influence policy making at national, European and international level.
  • To encourage cooperation among members of the Association and the development of effective bilateral and multilateral networks.
  • To promote cooperation in research and development of joint PhD programmes.
  • To promote harmonisation of PhD programmes in biomedicine and health sciences
  • To encourage mobility of PhD candidates and academic staff through all regions of Europe.
  • To stimulate quality assurance of PhD research and education, and in particular to develop an accreditation process of PhD programmes in biomedicine and health sciences.
  • To cooperate with other associations with similar goals.


Organisation Website: https://www.orpheus-med.org/ 

Best practices document: 
BEST PRACTICES FOR PHD TRAINING IN EUROPE; Published 2016, and a result of extensive discussions at all ORPEHUS annual meetings since 2004

Stays abroad

The Faculty of Medicine offers scholarships for stays abroad to PhD candidates funded by the UiB

Other PhD candidates are recommended to apply for funding for stays abroad from their employer/grant provider.