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Coming to Brussels can be time consuming and doesn’t always fit with your agenda. Nevertheless, it can be interesting to invest some of your time to do so. And this is exactly how you should look at it: as an investment.
Following requests for transparency made by journalists, the UiB (University of Bergen) and the other knowledge institutions which have conducted ARK surveys have recently been ordered to submit reports about their surveys. These knowledge institutions did not wish to allow such transparency and they have seeking support for this, but it been denied in this instance.
During the last month 12 postdocs, researchers and associate professors of the Department of Earth Science have registered as «experts» to evaluate EU project proposals. This is the result of a longterm strategy to increase the number and the quality of project proposals submitted to the European Commission’s frame programs. Thus, evaluating proposal is the best training course a researcher will... Read more
Will gather all student feedback in one infrastructure.
The Norwegian Institute of Athens now receive applications for their travel grant. Application deadline February 10.
Elisabeth Maråk Støle is appointed managing director of Forskningsselskapet SørVest AS.