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Professor Jonas Linde of the Department of Comparative Politics and colleagues have received a 9,2 million SEK research grant from The Swedish Research Council to study language effects in surveys.
South-East Asia expert Gyda Marås Sindre finds in a new book chapter that the efforts of the Indonesian government to achieve poverty alleviation while protecting the environment are undermined by cronyism, corruption and problems of governance.
Østensen will teach the 200-level course «The Commercialization of Security in Peace and Conflict» at the Department of Comparative Politics in the spring of 2015.
What are the consequences of the judicialization of controversial and moral political questions? This is the main research question of Vegard Furustøl Vibe’s PhD project.
Professors Kristin Strømsnes and Per Selle discuss 50 years of protests against the Norwegian parliament in a chapter in a new book on the parliament's recent history.
How has the internationalization of Norwegian law affected the Supreme Court's influence on Norwegian society? This is the researh question Jon Kåre Skiple addresses in his PhD studies.
Professor Per Selle argues in an op-ed in newspaper Nordlys that the Sami parliament has developed into an important actor in Norwegian politics and government. The op-ed is written together with Torvald Falch, senior advisor to the Sami parliament.
Stefan Dahlberg (University of Gothenburg) visits the Department of Comparative Politics as a guest researcher this Fall. His research areas include representative democracy, democratic legitimacy, political parties and voting behavior.
As Frank Aarebrot prepares to give four lectures on US history at Radøy near Bergen, locals are a signing up on a waiting list to hear the popular professor speak.