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According to Professor Hans Munthe-Kaas, the science of mathematics is like climbing a mountaintop and discovering new landscapes. He is now in the final round for an ERC Advanced Grant.
Smoking mothers, respiratory infections and the date you were born contribute to determine how fast your lungs are aging.
Humans release approximately 73 litres of intestinal gas a year and according to Professor Trygve Hausken, there is no reason to hold back a fart.
The UNESCO Chair will focus on Sustainable Heritage and Environmental Management, Nature and Culture.
A new computer lab represents UiB’s and Bergen Research Foundation’s biggest investments in on infrastructure in social sciences ever. This will make UiB one of the most interesting places for social sciences in Europe, says Elisabeth Ivarsflaten, leader of the project.
In almost 70 per cent of cases concerning children being taken from their parents and who are in foster-care, the children’s voices are more or less absent in written decisions.
Children of mothers with diseases like asthma or arthritis have up to eighty per cent higher risk of developing ADHD.
A dream of the UiB´s climate researchers is about to come true. The rehabilitation of the new headquarters for climate research in Bergen has started.