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Explanation and appeal about a grade at The Faculty of Psychology

You may ask for an explanation of a grade, and appeal both the grade and the examination itself.

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Explanation of a grade

You are entitled to an explanation of the grade you have been given. In case of an oral exam, the request for an explantion must be put forward immediately. For written exams, the request must be put forward within one (1) week after the grade is announced. Use the form in the fact box.

The explanation should normally be available within two weeks after your request. In it the examiner are to outline the general principles that the grade is based on. The explanation can be given written or orally, after the examiner’s choice. Written explanations will be available in Inspera Assessment.

Appeal against a grade

If you wish to appeal against a grade, you may do so within three weeks after the grade was announced, or three weeks after you received an explanation of grade. Use the form in the faxt box.

Appeals are handled according to section 5-3 of the University and Higher Education Act. If you wish to appeal the grade of a group examination, your appeal and the result will be handled individually, unless the whole group appeals the grade. This means that if you are the only group member to appeal, the result of the appeal will only apply to you.

If the grade subject to appeal is part of a Bachelor's/Master's degree, you need to hand in your diploma if you already received a certificate of the qualification in question.

The reassessment of examination grade may take six to ten weeks. The result may be the same as, better or poorer than the original grade. In some cases, the summer holiday or extra quality assuring measures, may cause a delay in the reassessment of additional two to four weeks.

You may withdraw your appeal against a grade until the case is settled, simply by sending a request to post.psyfa@uib.no.

Appeal against an examination 

You may appeal against procedural errors in an exam. Appeals against procedural errors must be put forward within 3 weeks after you discover the error. The appeal is to be sent to the Faculty: post@psyfa.uib.no. The case may be settled at the Faculty, or by the University Appeals Committee. In the case of the latter, the Faculty prepares the case for the Committee.

If the appeal is granted, your appealed grade will be annulled. New grading (if possible) or a new exam must be carried out in order for you to obtain a new grade. You will maintain all rights to appeal against the new grade and the implementation of the new exam according to the rules in sections 5-2 and 5-3 of the University and Higher Education Act.

You may withdraw your appeal against a procedural error until the case is settled, simply by sending a request to post.psyfa@uib.no

Please note that if the Faculty finds that there have actually been procedural errors, we may decide that a new grading or new exam must be arranged to correct the error. This is also the case if the appeal that originally lead to the discovery of the error is withdrawn. 
This is according to section 5-2 (4) of the University and Higher Education Act.